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CEO Message

Thank you for visiting our PTK website.


PTK was founded in 2000 and has been growing ever since through constant changes based on the management philosophy of ‘To Make a Healthy Company’.

Launched as a filtration company that is specialized in electrical, electronics and semiconductor industries, we strive to take a bold leap forward to becoming a leading Filtration, Solution & System Company in the chemical, energy, power plant related industries in Korea.

Based on our accumulated technological expertise and specialized products, we have created a new growth engine and have maximized corporate values as an advanced Skid & Package specialist.

We will become a sustainable hidden champion by developing core competencies through constant R&D and investment
in people while expanding infrastructure and establishing global networks.
PTK will contribute to build a healthy society by sharing
the company’s vision and core values with its employees
and supporting them to lead a happy life with a healthy sprit.

Your continued support and attention will be much
appreciated and PTK will strive to serve your needs
and make a bright future together with you. 

Thank you.



Kee Beum, Park